Characteristics of Zhytomyr Region

Zhytomyr region was formed September 22, 1937. Area - 29.9 sq. km, accounting for 4.9% of Ukraine. Length of the region from east to west -170 km, from north to south -230 km. In ancient times in the region lived Slavic tribes, whose descendants became drevlyans. The oldest city and both of Princes in the land of drevlyans was Iskorosten (now Korosten). With the formation of Kievan Rus drevlyans’ land joined it.

At the end of the XIII and the XIV century land area included in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. With the Lublin Union 1569 Zhytomyr area within the Right-Bank Ukraine came under Polish rule.

After the Third Partition of Poland (1795) the majority of the region became part of Volyn province, the center of which since 1804 was Zhytomyr.

Resolution of the All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee in 1923 by administrative - territorial division of Volyn province was made by establishing in the future Zhytomyr region Korosten , Nov . - Volynskyi and Zhytomyr districts, which included in certain cities and regions. The next global administrative - territorial reform was carried out in accordance with the Decree of the CEC of the USSR on September 22, 1937 , during which these districts were abolished and Zhytomyr region was formed by division of the Kiev region , as well as acceding to it Berdichiv city, Dzerzhinsky, Lubarsky , Chudniv and Yanushpolskyi districts of Vinnytsia region. Currently in its size region is one of the largest in Ukraine - ranked fifth . Length from west to east - 170 km. , From north to south - 230 km.

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