Status and Mission of ZHCCI

ZCCI is a non-governmental non-profitable self-governing organization. It unites juridical persons that have been registered and act in accordance with Ukrainian laws, as well as Ukrainian citizens registered as private entrepreneurs, and any associations of the abovesaid. The missions of the Chamber are as follows: to strengthen and enhance the national economy and to promote its integration into the world economic system; to create up-to-date industrial, financial and commercial infrastructure; to strengthen, enhance and protect business in the region; to create conditions for all-ways development of all kinds of businesses in the region; to be the advocate for businesses and organiations members of ZCCI in their relationships with local bodies of state executive power.


The scope of activities of the ZCCI is not limited to the above-mentioned aspects. The Chamber proceeds to strengthen its position and to put new concepts into practice. ZCCI is constantly growing; it gets streamlined in order to comply with modern economic developments to be able to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

However, the main task of the Chamber during XXI remains working for the benefit of Ukrainian enterprises and as such, for Ukrainian economy in whole.

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