Vehicle Examination

According to the aims and objectives defined in the ZCCI Articles of Association, highly qualified experts of the ZCCI conduct examinations of any kind of vehicles, in particular:

    • Determining market price of vehicles, their parts and units;
    • Assessing material damage incurred by owners of vehicles;
    • Determining completeness of vehicles in accordance with standards, manuals and other normative and technical documentation;
    • Determining year of manufacture of vehicles, as well as their parts and units;
    • Determining type, capacity and volume of engine cylinders, type of body and undercarriage;
    • Examining vehicles as to its parts and units ability to further operate;
    • Determining facts of vehicles having been previously repaired or reconstructed (volume of works carried out, their character and quality);
    • Determining facts of body parts and/or units replacement;
    • Examining motor vehicles as to other issues (as required by state customs service, legal or investigation authorities, procuracy, etc.)

Motor Vehicle Examination Department, tel.: (0412) 51-00-41, 46-52-46

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