Expert Examination of Goods

Zhytomyr Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been constantly striving to provide more services. Being an assignee to an independent expert organization, ZCCI has also preserved its former functions of conducting the following kinds of examinations:

    • Examination of quality and completeness of equipment;
    • Examination of quality of products that comprises sampling;
    • Determining reasons of incompleteness, waste or damage of luggage;
    • Determining reasons that lead to appearance of manufacturing or hidden defects of storage; • Estimating financial loss from damage, stealth, lack of material values;
    • Examination of correspondence of marking with standard requirements;
    • Examination of state of packing.

Along with the types of examinations mentioned above, ZCCI has recently introduced some new expert services:

    • Computation of output of production defined by the raw materials given;
    • Participation of experts in shipping of goods to foreign countries, with examination report being issued and transport being sealed;
    • Determining value of goods;
    • Determining value of worn out equipment, with observed depreciation cost being calculated;
    • Determining code of goods
Goods Examination Department, tel.: (0412) 43-19-49

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