Gabbro Service Ltd.

   Gabbro Service Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of products from gabbroic materials excavated from Rudnya-Shlyakhova deposits. The company supplies its products both within Ukraine and to Europe. Gabbro Service Ltd. provides a list of products which can be produced and supplied:

-         Gabbro blocks (Rudnya-Shlyakhova deposits, Zarechnyi-1 area);

-         Decorated articles of monuments (different sizes);

-         Paving slabs (sawn, polished, heat-treated);

-         Kerbs;

-         Paving stone (split, tumbled, sawn-split) of different sizes and thickness;

-         Stairs;

-         Window sills;

-         Tabletops;

-         Stone for ovens and bath-houses (including tumbled stone);

-         Slabs of different sizes and thicknesses;

-         Boulders (pellets - natural stone);

-         Other products upon individual order.


Ukraine, 12101, Zhytomyr region, Volodar-Volynskyi city, Suvorova street, 50

phone: +38 04145 3 12 43

e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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